Est-ce notre imagination, ou ces lieux ne ressemblent-ils à aucun autre ?


Our family Château can propose as a venue for your events, two former Armagnac chais : The Salle des Mariés de Venise, 180m² and the Verger des Jalousies, 300 m². For your event you can just use one or you can use them together. These beautiful buildings are in local stone, with splendid 6,50 m high roof timber structure; they stay cool even in the summer.

In addition we can also place at your disposition Catering kitchens, a Restroom, a carpark with surveillance and a unique decorative scenery (which is in situ) as well as four service buffets

This infrastructure opens onto the neighbouring countryside and vineyards and is totally independent of the Château and the Parkland, but which can also be part of your venue.

Last but not least we can also place at your disposition the famous Espace des Nuits Blanches (or revelers dormitory). It can sleep up to 24 people (UNIQUE sleeping area in the region).