Est-ce notre imagination, ou ces lieux ne ressemblent-ils à aucun autre ?

Extra touches

In order to allow our guests to discover fully the Gascony way of live we propose a few little extra touches that are the produce of the Château. A small detail for some but an indispensable tool to the successful and ultimately unforgetable event.

  • "Les Vignes de Victoire"

Although the Armagnac of the property is no longer produced, "Les Vignes de Victoire" can now propose two Gascony wines, one white and one red. Our house wine can be personalised for your event and served for your thirsty guests. Another idea could be to offer your personalised bottle as a gift to your guests.

  • "Une Nuit Bl… au Château"

This eau de vie made from white wine from gascony is smooth, warming and fruity. And its 24-carat gold leafs sparkle in our 10- or 50-centilitre bottles.

  • "Les confitures du Verger"

Gourmets’ jams prepared at the Château with fruit from our orchards or from wild blackberries from our hedgerows. To be tasted with your breakfast or taken back home as a souvenir.